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Our company has always promoted, with full conviction, the idea that a quality wine can be obtained from careful and scrupulous work in the vineyard, done with attention and respect for nature and man. Since 2016 Viotti Vini has also been certified SQNPI (NATIONAL QUALITY SYSTEM FOR INTEGRATED PRODUCTION).


Our wines are Simple, Genuine E Natural, because:


  • Our vineyards are grown without the use of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or other products that could interfere with the vegetative cycle of the vine or the ripening of the grapes

  • The use of herbicides is banned in our vineyards

  • We follow the directives on "guided pest control" (limiting the use of fungicides to strictly necessary cases)

  • We only use natural fertilizers (manure)

  • During the alcoholic fermentation we do not use external yeasts, but only our indigenous yeasts, which is followed by a spontaneous malolactic fermentation

  • We do not press the pomace in such a way as to obtain the highest possible quality from our grapes

  • Our wines are neither filtered nor clarified. We absolutely do not use chemicals that could change the color or structure of the wine

  • We use a minimal amount of sulphites: the level of sulfur dioxide we use is well below the limit allowed by Italian law


Simply ... we stick to a processing and cultivation of the vine acquired and handed down from generation to generation within our family.


Because the environment, the territory and humanity must be protected in a primary way.

Our commitment is to continue to operate in compliance with them and to hand down these values to future generations.



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