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Our Philosophy of Life and Work



Our Company carries on, with firm belief, the idea that a high quality wine can be obtained only from a careful and scrupulous workmanship in the vineyards. Each work is made by us with careful and respect  for nature and people.


Our wines are simple and natural because:


  • Our vineyards are cultivated without using chemical substances, fertilizers, pesticides or other products that could interfere with the vegetative cycle of the grapevine or with the grapes maturation.

  • In our vineyards the use of weed killers is banished

  • We follow the guideline above “pest management” (restricting the use of  fungicides only to strictly necessary case)

  • We use only natural fertilizer (manure)

  • During alcoholic fermentation we do not use external yeast but  only our “native yeast” to whom follow a natural malolactic fermentation

  • We do not pressing the marc so we can obtain the highest quality from our grapes

  • Our wines are neither filtered nor clarified. We banish the use of chemical substances which could modify the color or the body of the wine.

  • We use only a minimum quantity of sulphites: the sulfur level that we use is below the limit allowed by Italian law.


Simply… from generation to generation our Family handed down the most important values and art  to work in the vineyards and to obtain high quality wines.


Because we think that the surrounding, the territory and the human race have to be firstly protect.

Our aim is to continue operating in the respect of these values and to hand down them to the future generation.





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