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Viotti's family for seven generations carries the passion for the vine and wine in Castel Rocchero, a little medieval village located between the rolling hills of Alta langa Astigiana and Alto Monferrato. A territory suited to the monoculture of the vine and also keeper of a strong wine and food culture and tradition. Bianca Viotti and his father Guido carry on the family tradition with devotion and passion. From the first bottle of wine from 1969 to today a full story to tell... from Dolcetto of Asti, Barbera of Asti, Dry Brachetto and finally to Albarossa




Since 2000 Viotti Vini start to begin one of the first Company to produce Albarossa. A unique name and a unique history. It all began in 1939 thanks to Professor Dalmasso one of the most important ampelographers that Italy has ever had. Indeed, he made ​​a series of intersections of varieties that were stored in a collection of wine-growing in Piedmont and that they were never planted. Some fifty years later Professor Mannini of the C.N.R. of  Turin decided to look closely at these intersections by planted it in an Experimental Center called “Cannona” located in Piedmont. 




Among these was found the Albarossa varietal crosses, a true native vine with black grapes obtained from the intersection of “mom” Barbera and “dad” Nebbiolo (nebbiolo of Dronero, historically grown on the slopes at the foot of the Alpes-Maritimes). Our company found in this variety the highest expression of the Piedmont area and decided to start investing on this wine thanks to the vocation of our land and to their position. Hence arose Albarossa, Munferié and finally Lù, classic method of Albarossa.




Our company has always carefully selects the grapes with a strong respect for the environment by practicing integrated pest management (practice of crop protection). During our winemaking process, we prefer steel vats and then for some of our wine we do aging in wood barrels. We don’t press grapes for choice.




Every wine is dressed as a special work designed specifically for Viotti Vini by Walter Pozzebon who is an artist and also a family friend. Each bottle contains within itself, even before opening, its entire history expressed in artistic form. To each of you complete freedom to interpret them

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