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Technical features


  • Aging: the wine ages for five month in steel tanks where it is subjected to periodic decanting and then is put to age in bottle for two month

  • Category: Grappa aged in cherry wood barrels

  • Wine grapes: 100% Albarossa 

  • Grapes’ harvesting: handworking

  • Alcohol: 42% vol

  • Aging: grappa is aged for at least two years in barrels cherry



Organoleptic features



  • Color: delicate amber-colored

  • Wine notes: vibrant and persistent

  • Flavor: intense and penetrating. The aging in wood barrels of cherry amplifies the flavor of cherry.

  • Time of consumption: Grappa excellent for dessert, and even more for meditation. Suitable for a relaxing evening with friends.

  • Service Temperature: serve at 15 - 18° C 

  • Peculiarity: stems from a rigorous selection of grapes and the art of Albarossa scholar of master distillers, using the traditional system dicontinuo in a water bath, manages to give it a touch of brandy and personality to enhance the aromas and qualities of the grape of origin.

  • Further details: it could be packaged into boxes or marked wooden cases



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